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I'm Ed Fink, and these are my 360 degree panoramas. I was the first photographer in the world to shoot 360 degree panoramas from a helicopter. Today I'm a FAA licensed drone pilot and shoot most of my aerials with a quadcopter.

In addition to shooting aerial panoramas, I'm also a Google Street View Trusted Photographer in Minneapolis shooting Street View tours inside  local businesses.

I publish thousands of 360 degree panoramas and virtual tours to Google Maps, where I currently have over 100 MILLION VIEWS.

Ask me for more information or an estimate for your business!

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Google Maps is the most widely used navigation app, put it to work for you with a Google Street View Tour INSIDE your business!

Google Street View CameraStreet View now allows Google Trusted Photographers (like me!) to create 360 degree virtual tours inside your business for Google Maps. It is simple, fast, and affordable.

Unlike most other virtual tours, these indoor Street View tours are a complete series of interactive 360° panoramas that let people "walk around" inside your business the same way they "drive around" in outdoor Street View.

Advantages of a Google Street View virtual tour:

  -  Lets people SEE INSIDE your business on Google Maps

  -  High Quality 360 Degree Panoramas

  -  Enhances your Google presence


  -  Prices start as low as $150

  -  FAST! Your tour can be online within days

  -  Cross Platform - viewable on dekstops, laptops, phones, and tablets

  -  Powered by the latest Google technology!

No web site required! Since the entire tour is stored on Google's servers you don't have to worry about meetings with your IT department or web developers - within days your tour will be on Google Maps viewable by anyone anywhere.

Easily embed the tour in a web page, blog, or Facebook. Most companies already have a Google Map embedded somewhere on their site, embedding an indoor Street View tour is exactly the same. Like these:


Why order a virtual tour from me? Because I'm the skilled panorama photographer that will actually shoot your photos, create the tour, and publish it to Google Maps Street View. Agencies don't want to just sell you a tour, they want to redo your website, control social media, boost your search rankings, and provide "reputation management". Many agencies even throw in a "free" tour. so long as you pay an arm and leg for everything else. Then they'll send a low paid kid out to shoot your tour using simple automted settings. Someone else at the agency (or one of their contractors in India) processes the photos, someone else stitches the photos into a complete panorama which gets sent to someone who lays out the photos in Google Maps to create the tour.

Think how quality can suffer from such a scattered approach! Think of the overhead involved! You're paying for their salespeople, account managers, computer operators, secretaries, accountants, and even their janitors. I'm just one guy, but I'm the one guy that handles every single aspect of your virtual tour from start to finish. Plus you won't be paying for my secretary or for a janitor to empty my trash, unless my granddaughter starts charging me for it.