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360 degree aerial panorama east of the Crazy Horse Memorial, the world’s largest sculpture, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota 17 miles southwest of Mount Rushmore.

When completed, the mountain carving of Crazy Horse astride his horse will be 563 feet (172 meters) high and 641 feet (214 meters) long. Crazy Horse’s head is 87 feet 6 inches (27 meters) high. The horse’s head, currently the focus of work on the mountain, is 219 feet (67 meters) high.

The work was begun in 1948 by sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski at the request of Native Americans. Korczak died in 1982. His wife, Ruth, and their family continue the project working with the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.
Equipment: Nikon D70s, Sigma 8mm    Helicopter: Black Hills Aerial Adventures