Aerial panorama over west Gulfport after Hurricane Katrina, near Broad Ave. and Hwy. 90.
360 degree panorama of Gulfport, Mississippi from a helicopter 700 ft. over Hwy. 90 near Broad Ave., the main road to the Naval Construction Battalion Center (Seabee Base). Although I wasn’t there for Hurricane Katrina, during Hurricane Camille in 1969 I lived on Fournier Ave. Camille was my first hurricane and I didn’t think there was any need to evacuate - until trees started falling on the house! But by then it was too late - the street to the north was totally blocked, and to the south Hwy. 90 was literally gone. A friend from school lived on the corner where the big office building is now, and his entire house was destroyed by Camille - just like almost every other house along the beach as far as the eye could see - very much like it looks in this panorama.
Although Katrina was a weaker storm than Camille, it lasted much longer, and the Katrina damage seems very similar to that from Camille.
Note the many containers washed up from the Port of Gulfport. The containers did a great deal of damage and are the subject of a lawsuit against the port.