Demonstration in Budapest
360 degree panorama on Andrassey Avenue, a World Heritage Site. I was on my way to Heroes’ Square to do pole panoramas and ran into this huge demonstration, which evidently is very common in Budapest. Thousands and thousands of smiling, nicely dressed people marching down the street, politely waving signs that I couldn’t read.

Although the taxi driver spoke English pretty well, it seemed like he didn’t want to discuss it, like it was a touchy subject, but eventually he said something about the flag they were carrying having some very bad memories associated with it because of the "dark times" of the Soviet occupation. After trying to explain for a while "Education, everybody education, and doctors. You pay, they pay, no like pay, you know? They want all. Is no good, you know?" Then he thought of the short translation, and suddenly pointed at the crowd and said "Like Communists!"