Red Wing, MN From Barn Bluff - (c) Edward S. Fink for
This 360 degree panorama was shot on Barn Bluff overlooking Red Wing, Minnesota, the Mississippi River, and across to Wisconsin.

On Father's Day weekend 2012 I went back to my panorama roots with my wife and grandkids, and rented a convertible to cruise the bluff country along the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, shooting panoramas at some of the same locations I shot 13 years ago when I first started doing interactive panoramas.

In 1999 my $1,000 digital camera took 18 shots to make a 360 degree panorama. I could fit exactly 36 shots in the camera, so if I didn't make any mistakes I could shoot 2 panoramas before I had to do a 30 minute camera download! Because it took such an investment in time I learned to be very picky with my shots, and wanted only the most scenic locations. So I used to do "panorama weekends" where I'd rent a convertible and cruise around looking for special panoramas - like this one.

This was my submission for the "Heritage" World Wide Panorama event for Summer Solstice 2012.