New I-35W bridge at night.
360 degree panorama at night from the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was shot the first weekend after the bridge was complete. When I started setting up, the river boat had just entered the Lower Saint Anthony Lock from downstream, and by the time I was finished shooting the lock had filled and the boat was leaving.

Don’t try shooting here yourself! A lady cop showed up just as I finished and she wrote me a ticket and gave me an angry 20 minute pedestrian safety lecture. You don’t want to run into her - she’s kind of "excitable". Any other cop would have ignored me, or calmly said "You’re not allowed to walk on the bridge, move on please." No - this cop doesn’t know the meaning of calm. She was almost hysterical, SCREAMING: "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??!! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE???!! YOU’RE CRAZY!!!! YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!! NOW I HAVE TO WASTE MY TIME WRITING YOU A CITATION!!"
I’ve got a bad knee, and as I was struggling to get out of her back seat with all my equipment, she started screaming again: "HURRY UP SIR! COME ON NOW!!! I DON"T HAVE ALL NIGHT!! GET!!! OUT!!!!" I was hoping she’d just yell and not give me a ticket (no such luck!), so I was super polite to her. If that’s the way she treats a quiet, polite, professional photographer over twice her age, she must be hell on REAL criminals, like jaywalkers and litterbugs!!
Maybe she thought if she screamed enough she could "get through to me" and one day I would thank her for making me a better pedestrian? Yawn… not likely. I’ve done things FAR stupider than walking on a bridge. :)